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Software-Entwickler (m/w) gesucht!

July 30, 2012

Wir suchen dringend Unterstützung  für unser Entwickler-Team, vollzeit  oder teilzeit.
Wir sind ein junges und dynamisches Team und haben Spaß an der Entwicklung von Lösungen im Bereich eLearning.
Wenn du dir vorstellen kannst in diesem Bereich zu arbeiten und mit Begriffen wie Java, HTML, CSS, Ajax, XML, XSL, SQL, usw. etwas anfangen kannst, bereits Erfahrung in den Gebieten sammeln konntest, dann richte deine Bewerbung mit Lebenslauf an
Wir freuen uns auf Dich.

mumie newsletter #1

April 20, 2012

Dear MUMIE Community Member,

in our first MUMIE newsletter we like to welcome you as recipient and hope we can entertain you with brand new information and announcements about the Mumie platform, e-learning and related topics. Feel free to contact us with remarks or suggestions for improvements.

At the same time we are proud to announce that a new major release of the Mumie Integrated Authoring Utilities (MIAU) is available and can be downloaded for the first time from the official MUMIE website
(See link

The latest version 2.0.0 of MIAU includes the brand new Course Editor enabling a faster and easier arrangement of MUMIE courses as well as many improvements and fixes:

  • the Course Editor is a new graphical editor for all types of MUMIE courses and replaces the older Course Creator
  • an improved SVN integration allows a more reliable version management of MUMIE content
  • internationalization was added for the name and the description of documents
  • a new structured editor is included for XML documents
  • the theme and language support for documents is improved

A complete list of all changes can be found in the changelog.

There is a lot of other interesting information about MUMIE and our work at universities but we don’t want to swamp you ….



February 10, 2012

Ever seen a mummy resurrect after a long period as a sleeping beauty? If not – plunge into this website or go to . You will be surprised by the wealth of juicy new features.

The new MUMIE is a thrill not only for e-vampires but for e-verybody fascinated by cutting edge e-technology and e-content. Stay on this blog to get our newest contributions to the E-gyptian revolution.