Our first course running JAVA-free!

We re-launched in the last days our first course, namely the online mathematical bridge course, with all exercises running on HTML5/Javascript. It’s the first milestone after a long time of hard work reworking the client site technology of the visualisations and exercises framework. Now users can access the course besides office pc’s and notebooks, also with mobile devices and have even an enhanced usability experience.
But there is no time to rest and a lot of work still left. In the next steps we will rework the complex visualisations and interactions framework and plan to have one of the very large courses like linear algebra or analysis for engineers being ready for the next summer term.

Good News at the Start of the New Year

We look forward to a promising New Year and report on some new developments:

The winter term 2012/13 at the TU Berlin marked an all time high in the number of students working with MUMIE in a single course at a single university: More than 2500 STEM students have enrolled into each of the two courses Linear Algebra and Analysis 1. The number of students in the course Introduction into JAVA and Basic Mathematical Algorithm COMA was again larger than last year.

In cooperation with the KTH Stockholm and the Università di Bologna, we will provide the Online Mathematical Bridge Course OMB to students about to enter this prestigious Italian university, the oldest in Europe. For this purpose the content of the OMB was translated to Italian. The pilot phase will start in spring 2013. It will involve students and teachers from about 20 high school classes and aims at gauging the material of the bridge course to the knowledge of Italian high school students. In summer 2013 it is planned to reach out to up to 10.000 students.

October 1 2012 was the start of the European project S3M2. For more details visit the website www.s3m2.eu.