Who We Are

integral-learning was founded in 2007 as a spin-off of the Technische Universität Berlin. The team of mathematicians, physicists and software engineers provide high quality e-learning solutions and content for mathematics, computer science and engineering.

Together with a consortium of 13 German universities, integral-learning has developed an online math-bridging course. It is used by students at more than 60+ universities in Germany, France and other countries. Users receive help from our math helpdesk via chat, phone and e-mail.

Many 10.000 students have been educated in such courses. This course sets a benchmark for students about to start a STEM course at German universities.

The course OMB+ helps you to refresh your high school mathematics knowledge so that you can easily follow freshmen German university courses.

HM4MINT is a standard calculus course designed for active learning. It covers the material typically taught at German universities and universities of applied sciences. Users get help from our math helpdesk via chat, phone and e-mail

For lecturers

Use HM4MINT and OMB+ in courses via an LMS plugin, in whole or in parts.
Electronic training and examination tasks are available for differentiated exam preparation.

This makes integral-learning the ideal partner for any person or institution in the field of education with high demands on quality of teaching and learning. We want to share with our partners our experience in net-based education at some of the leading universities in Europe.

E-learning Solutions

Building on its strong ties to the e-Learning platform MUMIE and a large amount of high quality content in mathematics, computer science and engineering, we offer to our clients a broad range of services for planning, implementing and operating MUMIE based e-learning solutions in your local IT environment.

With us, you can digitally educate and train your employees.
In addition to content presentations, we also offer a variety of different automatically correctable tasks.