Online-Exam at TU-Delft technologically perfect

The online exams at TU Delft with up to 1000 participants at a given time were a success. In the words of the main organiser: “With regard to the current online exams at TU Delft, I would say that this was the best choice in the current situation. Technologically speaking, it was perfect. The good preparation was very helpful and the cooperation with the Integral Learning team was very good. “

Online Exams, TU Delft

Due to the Corana pandemic, traditional examinations are currently not possible for a large number of students. integral-learning GmbH provides the infrastructure and services for several online examinations at TU Delft.

HM4MINT & OMB+, Beuth HS

Just in time the Moodle plugin is available to use mathematical content from the courses HM4MINT.NRW and OMB+ in courses at Beuth University of Applied Sciences. With this, some of the problems connected to the difficult teaching situation in the Corona crisis can be dealt with.

StudIP Plugin

MUMIE content can now also be used in the Learning Management System StudIP. As in the Plugins for Moodle and ILIAS, lecturers have the possibility to display the content according to their own ideas by setting appropriate filters.